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We are always looking for organisations and representative bodies to stage an event or series of events contributing to inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013, providing an exciting snapshot of the very eclectic Dutch interiors scene.
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The inamsterdam World Interiors Event expects to welcome a large number of foreign professionals to visit the Netherlands for the event. We not only want to offer these guests an inspiring program, but above all let them experience what our specific Dutch approach is, what we feel what’s important, and show what we would visit if we were here for the occasion.
The afriend.inamsterdam program offers a simple way to achieve this; when booking through our website foreign guests can indicate that they would appreciate to have a cup of coffee or drink a beer with a local Dutch colleague. During such an informal meeting experiences and ideas for a successful visit can be exchanged. More is possible, but not necessarily. It’s up to you.
Dutch colleagues will be encouraged by their professional organizations to take part in the program. Matching will be based on (professional) interest, language and availability. Inamsterdam’s involvement is limited to the exchange of email addresses; host and guest arrange their own meeting, hospitality will do the rest….