Exhibitions, Tours, Auctions etc.

This is a preliminary overview of events in the inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013. Check back regularly while the program develops.

Open Heritage Days Amsterdam

Amsterdam Heritage Days celebrates the 400th jubilee of the Amsterdam Canal Ring with four special editions!

open house
World Interiors Salon

The inamsterdam World Interiors Salon will be the event where Dutch designers and industry highlight the best of the best in Dutch interior and design.

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The inmarket

The inmarket marks the opening of the new intercoms season! For many years already Gellerie Binnen and curator Peter van Kester have organized an annual sale of new and vintage design objects from a range of designers. Some products come directly from the Milan fair. For the World Interiors Event this sale will be extended to the inmarket; a market where designers and industry offer their prototypes, pilot series, rest stock and show models, single copies of ceramics, fashion, lighting, furniture, furnishings and vintage design.

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Care; at home in an unfamiliar environment

We are using more and more of it, but nobody wants to need it; care (freely rendered from Nietsche; everybody wants to grow old, nobody wants to be it). In the Netherlands recently some bespoke hospital and care concepts have been developed, in which perception of patients as guests or residents is central. Now that in 2013 the first generation of baby-boomers will retire, the theme is more actual than ever. Based upon successful projects and the futuristic vision of designers and industry this exposition shows how a well designed environment contributes to healing and well-being.

Interiors collection Stedelijk Museum

Reopening after a renovation and extension that took more than 8 years the Stedelijk Museum of Modern Art will once again claim it’s spot as the foremost museum of design in the Netherlands. Its design collection is one of the most outstanding in the world, with among others furniture, textiles, appliances and objects in wood, glass, ceramics, metal, plastics and synthetics, jewelry, posters and graphic design, but also complete interiors by Gerrit Rietveld. Connections with the outstanding collections of modern art are present in ceramics and textiles by Picasso and furniture by Donald Judd.

Contemporary living in a historic canal-mansion

The private museum Geelvinck, located in a historic Amsterdam canal mansion, focuses on showing today’s living room from different perspectives. For 2013 (and already anticipatory in the preceding months), the museum, together with partners in the field, plans to materialize several exhibitions on the theme of interior design.

Interior Scenes

Interiors and set designs play an important role in cinema. In its striking new building by Delugan Meissl Associated Architects with interiors by Concern the EYE Film Institute presents a program in which interiors play the leading role.

Royal Tropical Institute

For the inamsterdam World Interiors Event the Royal Tropical Institute develops a special tour. Discover the monumental building! What stories does the historic building tell and what is the meaning of all the applied art in exterior and interiors? Discover the stories of colonial history in wall paintings and decorations in this special tour.

AMS 3.0 Amsterdam interiors in your pocket

AMS 3.0 is an App for the smartphone, which by means of QR codes on the facade  makes the interiors of buildings and the story behind them visible. With the help of interactive 360˚ photography the passer-by gets an image of what's behind the front door, with all conceivable information.

Public Interiors

In 1993 ARCAM published a much talked-about book, entitled "public Interiors", and devoted to interesting (semi)public interiors in the city. In 2013, twenty years after this publication, the city appears to have changed also in this respect. It is therefor tempting to consider now already to give new attention to the phenomenon public interior in 2013. The theme is maybe more than ever important because the city of Amsterdam in writing it's DNA likes to refer to aspects as openness and hospitality.

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Excursions Amsterdamse School Interiors

Next to it's regular excursion program Museum het Schip will arrange a number of special excursions in extraordinary Amsterdamse School Interiors that are usually closed for the public.

Adriaan Dortsman, The Ideal Canal

In the fully restored coach house Museum van Loon shows the history of the 17th century building. Although the house currently has an 18th century appearance much is still to be illustrated on the original interiors from the Golden Age. Museum van Loon, February 8 - June 9, 2013.

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From slums to Amsterdamse School

In a number of peepshow boxes at the Spaarndammerplantsoen, opposite the museum buildings, Amsterdamse School Museum het Schip will show the development of the ordinary Amsterdam interior, from slums to Amsterdamse School. The show will be open 24/7!