Intact historic interiors are more rare than high art. Historic interiors tell us more about the cultures, lifestyles and fashions of a certain time and place than profound scientific studies. Interiors are a vehicle of culture. Interiors form the user side of buildings and add significance and meaning to them. But the user side is also vulnerable; we shape our interiors and every so often we reshape them because they are overtaken by time. The rich interiors history in Amsterdam is the starting point for a program aimed at raising awareness and the sharing and expansion of knowledge on the historic, cultural and artistic value of interiors. The inamsterdam World Interiors Event offers a stage for art- and architecture historians, restorers, Interior Architects and designers, researchers and experts in many fields such as textiles, wallpapers, colours etc, but also cultural historians, sociologists and anthropologists, and last but not least the public at large, to discuss, discover and explore the rich world of interiors.
Although Interior design is of all ages, it is often seen as an exponent of our craving for style and luxury. Luckily this misconception is rebutted by our developing attention for health, safety and well being, which causes us to work and live in well considered yet comfortable environments. Today, we see this attention in all sections of the population and in all building types; private as well as corporate and public buildings. This also changed the scope of work of the professional Interior designer. The growing complexity of building projects, as well as the need for sustainable re-use, made Interior Architecture a respected discipline. In a coordinated collaboration with other consultants Interior Architects work on complex assignments, such as hospitals and various care environments, airports and transportation hubs, schools and learning environments, public buildings and leisure environments and of course offices and workplaces. What do these new challenges mean for the traditional stature of the Interior Architect? The inamsterdam World Interiors Event will showcase the state of the art in new developments, and offer the profession a place for debate and self reflection on the new roles and challenges.
This world is not perfect, and even Interior Architects and Designers cannot make it perfect, overnight. With our unique knowledge and skills we can however help to make this world a better place. By displaying and developing consciousness to today’s challenges and maintaining an open mind for change. By designing a sense of place in our multi cultural society. By being sensitive to environmental issues and cautious with natural resources. By actively exposing and creating awareness for the uniqueness of all man. By determining that design is a social issue, not a marketing instrument. By investing in research and education to hand over our knowledge to a new levy of independent, creative thinkers. The inamsterdam World Interiors Event will not avoid delicate issues and be open for discussion and receptive to new ideas that may foster the interior professions contribution to the benefit of the people and the future.

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