Open Heritage Days Amsterdam

Amsterdam Heritage Days celebrates the 400th jubilee of the Amsterdam Canal Ring with four special editions!

Amsterdam started work on the world-famous Canal Ring 400 years ago, a jubilee that the city will celebrate in 2013! To mark this special year, the Amsterdam Bureau of Monuments & Archaeology is organising four special editions of the Amsterdam Heritage Days. Unique monuments, hidden gems and prominent buildings in the city will all be throwing open their doors to the public. Each edition will focus on different buildings, delving into their history from different perspectives.
Amsterdam Heritage Days allows you to experience the amazing story of the canals through the ages. In March, the focus will be on 17th-century interiors and the creation of the Canal Ring. During the May edition on 18th-century architecture and life, visitors get the exclusive chance to peek inside a canal-side house on the renowned ‘Golden Bend’ section of the Herengracht. And in July, Amsterdam Heritage Days takes a closer look at the 19th century.
In September, the final edition of Amsterdam Heritage Days sees an entire weekend devoted to celebrating Amsterdam’s canals. More than 60 monuments will open up to the public for free and a packed programme of activities will be organised, all connected by the national theme of Power & Beauty.
Amsterdam Heritage Days 2013
dates : 24 March, 26 May, 14 July, 14 & 15 September
time : 10:00-17:00   
entrance : free!   However, some monuments can onlyaccommodate a limited amount of visitors