Masterclass Li Edelkoort


24 MAY 2013
Especially for the 25th Forecast of the NII (Nederlands Interieur Instituut, english translation: Dutch Interior Institute) our wellknown dutch trendforecaster Lidewij Edelkoort will present her Trendforecast Interior & Lifestyle 2015  at the impressive EYE museum near central station Amsterdam. On Friday the 24th of may our NII members will receive the exclusive custom made trendbook after Lidewij’s Masterclass.

We are celebrating The ‘Nederlands Interieur Instituut’ 25 year existence in 2013, that’s why we are looking back into the last couple of years together with Lidewij Edelkoort. What did we forecast and in what way did this end up to be reality? We will kick off on the 24th of may with this unique confirmation session for our members but also for potential members to get acquinted with NII.  Costs: 50,-
Interested to be part of this very exclusive event? We give 25% off our membership, only in 2013. Take a look at our website call us 030-232 09 38 or send us an e-mail: