AMS 3.0 Amsterdam interiors in your pocket

AMS 3.0 is an App for the smartphone, which by means of QR codes on the facade  makes the interiors of buildings and the story behind them visible. With the help of interactive 360˚ photography the passer-by gets an image of what's behind the front door, with all conceivable information.

Amsterdam is known as a creative city. Cross fertilization between creative and technological innovation has before led to new developments in Travel Technology (TomTom, Layar). AMS 3.0 is a platform that will expose the city's data.
AMS 3.0 is an application for the smartphone that opens up the interiors that in many cases remain closed by means of 3D photography and film and short informative texts. A combination of period rooms, original and contemporary interiors will give residents and visitors of the city an experience that gives them insight in the origin, history and current housing of the city.

Organisation:, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, 7Scenes, Waag Society
Location: Amsterdam, Canals area
Date and time: Ongoing
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