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The International Design Forum that will be organized in Guangzhou this year is not organized or endorsed by World Interiors Meeting. Any association with prior World Interiors Meetings is misleading.
Upcoming World Interiors Meetings will be announced shortly on this site only.


World Interiors Meeting 2014


The inaugural inamsterdam World Interiors Meeting, the first global conference on interior design, was successfully held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in September 2013. The event will be repeated in Amsterdam in 2015, making it a bi-annual event.
World Interiors Meeting aims to address and attract a global audience of interior professionals, including designers, architects, academics, industry professionals and professional commisioners, to foster the professional debate and the exchange of knowledge, best practices and innovative ideas.
The inguangzhou World Interiors Meeting 2014 is a satellite event aimed at interior professionals in the Southeast Asian region. The one-day conference will focus on issues that are relevant to the region, albeit seen from a global perspective.
The inguangzhou World Interiors Meeting 2014 is organized in conjunction with the Guangzhou Design Week (5 – 7 December 2014), the prime interiors and design event in Southeast China.
inguangzhou World Interiors Meeting 2014 offers an inspiring and interactive program by and for international and local design luminaries, organizations and talents. The conference will see discussion and debate on the position of interior design, today and in the future. The program includes 3 challenging key-note presentations by global experts in their respective field, and offers delegates a unique opportunity to actively participate in the debate in 2 key-sessions, identifying the role of design now and in the future.
Overall theme: ‘Design Development’
An interior is never finished. Interior designers are continuously engaged in creatively adapting spaces to changing users, new demands or contemporary insights. More than a product an interior is a narrative, a storyline that supports users in meaningfully using and enjoying architecture’s inside-out. Subsequently, designing interiors itself is an ongoing process that reflects to cultural, social and economic developments. Not product focused but user centered. Rather than setting or following the newest style or fashion, designers are constantly in search for relevance, coherence and added value. The conference will actively engage in designers’ search for change, research what works and what doesn’t, and why.
Theme sessions:
‘User Centered Design Development’
Social structures and spaces are becoming more and more service oriented. Organizations see the value of human capital, and adapt to enhancing the wellbeing of people; being it clients, guests, residents, workers or prospects. Four specialized designers discuss with the delegates how public buildings, hospitals, hospitality and retail environments transform to user experiences that empower people.
‘Sustainable Design Development’
Being at the cradle of the cycle, designers have an inevitable obligation to propose solutions that responsibly address environmental, social and economic challenges. The linear economy of ‘take, make and dispose’ is unsustainable, and transforms into a circular economy, where goods and materials are re-used and recycled. Made to be made again, inspired by nature’s continuous cycle. Four experts share their experiences in the search to contribute to the quality of life. 
Karan Grover (India), Founder of Karan Grover Architects, on Sustainable Development (Key-note).
Zhang Qiman (China), Dean of interior design department Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing. Key-note on sustainable design.
David Singer (USA), Senior partner at Toni Chi Associates in New York. Key-note on hospitality design.
Ju Bin (China), Founder and CEO of Horizontal Space Design and lecturer at CAFA. On sustainable design.
Frazer MacDonald Hay (Singapore), Director of Glasgow School of Art Interior Design Department and founder of Big Stone Collective. On sustainable design.
Juan Carlos Baumgartner (Mexico), Partner in international architectural firm SPACE. on sustainable design.
Steve Leung (Hong Kong), architect and designer. On user centered design.
Fransesco Messori (Netherlands), Founder and Partner at multidisciplinary design studio D/Dock, on User Centered Development, especially the transformation of healthcare (hospitals and elderly homes).
Jooyun Kim (Korea), Designer and professor, head of Industrial Design Department Hongik University. On spatial identity and user-centered design.
Kees Spanjers (Netherlands), former president of European Council of Interior Architects, Curator and presenter
Ready Zhang (China), Founder and director of Guangzhou Design Week, Curator and presenter
(note: no speakers have been confirmed as of yet.)
The inguangzhou World Interiors Meeting 2014 takes place in conjunction with the Guangzhou Design Week (5 – 7 December 2014) on December 5th at the Westin Pazou Hotel, in addition to the design exhibition and fair and the accompanying presentations and lectures. As it is a one-day conference focusing on in-depth meetings and discussions, the venue is next to the Design Week grounds. 
More information:
Guangzhou Design Week website

World Interiors Meeting 2013

The inamsterdam World Interiors Meeting took place on 5, 6 and 7 September 2013 at the Beursvan Berlage in Amsterdam. With visitors from 32 countries it was a succesful event.
 Initiated by BNI, the Dutch Association of Interior Architects, it was the first international congress organized by and for the profession.
At the congress interiors professionals gathered to meet and debate the past, present and future of interiors. Key issues were the development of the interior professions (training, identity, organization) and the social and cultural importance of interior design in society (re-use, sustainability, social responsibility, heritage).
The congress offered a wide range of topics covering all current aspects of the interiors. It was a meeting place, knowledge market and platform for debate for all interior professionals. But we also looked across borders; after all interior design exists by the grace of a social, cultural and economic context. Critical questions were not be avoided. 
An extensive report with summaries of the most importatnt lectures will be available on this site shortly.

The Canal-house Inside-out

Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
Keizersgracht 633, Amsterdam
8 June - 7 September 2013
Even though the facades of the canal houses look authentic, the reality is often different. And that certainly counts for what's behind the facades. Students of Delft University did a historic survey to the transformation history of the intreiors of some canal-houses, including the Geelvinck house. They where granted access to private archives and the normaly closed archives of the city. 
The research shows considerable contrasts between seemingly identical neighbouring houses. In the exhibition the highlights of the research project will be shown.   

Masterclass Li Edelkoort


24 MAY 2013
Especially for the 25th Forecast of the NII (Nederlands Interieur Instituut, english translation: Dutch Interior Institute) our wellknown dutch trendforecaster Lidewij Edelkoort will present her Trendforecast Interior & Lifestyle 2015  at the impressive EYE museum near central station Amsterdam. On Friday the 24th of may our NII members will receive the exclusive custom made trendbook after Lidewij’s Masterclass.

World Interiors Salon

5 March 2013 - First impressions of the World Interiors Salon.
The inamsterdam World Interiors Salon will be the event where Dutch and international designers and industry highlight the best of the best in interior and design.
Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Postponed to 2014 

Open Heritage Days Amsterdam

Amsterdam Heritage Days celebrates the 400th jubilee of the Amsterdam Canal Ring with four special editions!

World Interiors Event in Guangzhou, China

World Interiors Event is present at the Guangzhou Design Week, 7 - 9 December 2012 in Guangzhou, China. In close collaboration with our partners of Guangzhou we present lectures and presentations and promote the inamsterdam World Interiors Event. We also use our presence to scout for new talent and speakers for the World Interiors Meeting, 5-7 September 2013 in Amsterdam.

Andrea van Pol curator World Interiors Salon

Andrea van Pol has been appointed curator of the World Interiors Salon, the event where Dutch designers and industry highlight the best of the best in interior and design.
Associated designers (so far): Evelyne Merkx, Eline Strijkers, Hans Marechal, Maurice Mentjens, i29. Andrea is a well known TV personality in the Netherlands (AVRO's kunstuur and VPRO's 'de slag om Nederland'). 
Read More>

Foreign Visitors

21 October 2012 - BNI and the World Interiors Event, in close collaboration with DutchDFA, welcome some reputed guests this week. Among them are the Presidents of the Indian Institute of Interior Designers IIID and Asian Pacific Federation of Designers and editors of prominent Chinese and Indian Interior Magazines. The incomming mission aims to strengthen the bond between Dutch, Chinese and Indian organisations and designers, promoting Interior Design in general and explore cooperation with the World Interiors Event in 2013.

Workshop 'The future of the Amsterdam Canal House'

The fame of the Amsterdam canal house has always been linked to its exterior, its outer appearance,  while the  secret of its survival through the ages has probably more to do with what is behind the façade, more in particular with the characteristics of its interior layout. Hidden from the public eye most canal houses changed function over the past century. This international workshop explores new and challenging perspectives for the future of the canal district in general and the future of the canal house in particular.
This 10 days workshop is organized by Delft University of Technology, Department of Architecture.
Click here for more information and to register

Workshop 'Tactual Senses'

International workshop of 400 years canal houses by means of 400 one minute movies about the tactile qualities of living, working and staying on canal houses from an interior architectural perception. Not a standard recording of reality, but for example a special view of a detail, a shadow, a worn staircase, a completely renovated floor, wrongly restored window frame, the real canal green; in short, a visual story that gives a new insight in canal houses of the last 400 years in 400 minutes told.
This 7 days workshop is organized by Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam, department of Architectural Design and
Click here for more information and to register

Guangzhou Design Week and World Interiors Event

12 june 2012 - World Interiors Event 2013 and Guangzhou Design Week signed a Memorandum of Understanding today to intensify cooperation between the two festivals. The Guangzhou Design Week is China's most prominent interior design event, presenting two non-profit awards: China Design Award (CDA) and China Interior Design Awards (Jintang Prize). World Interiors Event will be present at the 2012 Guangzhou Design Week, and Guangzhou Design Week will organize a large delegation of Chinese interior designers to visit Amsterdam in 2013. 

inamsterdam World Interiors Event

2013 will be the Year of Interiors in Amsterdam; an attractive and varied event program will highlight the historic, cultural, artistic and economic importance of interior architecture and design. Theme of the inamsterdam World Interiors Event 2013 will be the ‘Past, Present and Future of Interiors’. Existing and new initiatives in the field of interiors will be brought under one umbrella, aimed at professionals as well as the public at large. From March to October an array of exhibitions, fairs, events, projects, lectures, seminars, presentations and much more around the theme of interiors will take place. Where possible the program will connect to existing events. Other Dutch cities will be involved in the World Interiors Event 2013.

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